Kauni + Me.

Kauni yarns are one of the prettiest yarns on the block. I have had Kauni’s effekt garn in my yarnstash multiple times over the years and the colors are so pretty and happy. What I like most about this particular yarn is the long color variations and the colors that are so harmoniously blended together, which makes knitting with these yarns seamless and less effort than other yarns. Come to my WIP of the week, a cute Kauni blanket:

P1010256-1The colors just seem to blend so well together and the colors fit together even if it’s a cascade of shades. I have used the Ten stitch blanket  pattern found on Ravelry. I did however use 21 caston stitches in stead of 10 to make the rows a little bit wider.
The yarn is a bit rougher than perhaps other yarns, but once done I will soak this blanky in some cold water and softener to perhaps soften it up a bit. The colors are so beautiful and just looking at this squishy uber cute blanket.
I started Saturday last week with this project and it is growing slowly and steady. I cannot wait to knit this project finished with the border. I ordered a sun yellow Kauni 8/2 yarn for the lace border.

Lots of love,


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