Norwegian Sea.

Norwegian Sea. The ocean and the lush green backdrop calls for some visual swooning.
We go to Norway way to less than before and every time we get the chance to go back to my mom in law I don’t understand why we just don’t travel here more often! The past few years our trips back home have been less than few and thinking about all the fun we are missing out on makes me a bit sad. Norway has settled itself pretty deep in my soul.

The Summer is slowly giving away for Fall. I feel it in the air. The cooler winds and the darker nights are approaching slowly. The sun is shining but the heat dissipates quicker. We are enjoying our Indian Summer here. We have missed this so much!

For the past 6 years no Summer is complete without a visit to our family in Norway. It’s a lovely time for holidays. I think it is because people are more relaxed and the weather is usually always good during this time. People here then tend to be more laid back and seem to smile a lot and often! I love K’s family. Nothing beats their love and hospitality. With our wedding coming in the coming days I feel I am so blessed and happy. Norway has given me my own roots to grow and a family tree. They are an amazing bunch of people that has taken me and W in as their own. And to me, that is something that cannot ever be replaced.

I guess my writing right now is a bit emotional. But I do think it has to do with the memories I have here. Because for every visit, my heart grows fonder of the people I get to know here. And I have to keep making space to let more happiness in!

Every Summer here makes me love Norway more. The amazing family, the delicious simple foods and the calming sea. W has not been this calm for a good long time, and I can see K’s shoulder rest a bit more relaxed which feels so good in my soul. Holidays here calms all of us down.

P1010167-1Every year, I wish we are not to leave. I just can’t take not seeing these lovely sunsets again for another year. I will dream about these days in the sun with W and K for a long time….


Lots of love,


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