Ramen girl.

I love ramen. I am the ramen girl. I’ve tried literally loads of ramen from different places, flavors and ingredients. Slurpy, oodly goodie kinda ramen with some nice broth and yummy meat. This girl is a total meat lover!

This evening however I did not have time for the fancy schmancy ramen with my own homemade broth or other exotic ingredients. We had leftover slices of steak in the fridge, and ideas were swirling around for dinner ideas. And poof, ramen it was!


For my no BS ramen, I am still a bit of a crazy girl when it comes to preparation.
I cut and pre-boiled my baby corn so they got a teeny bit soft and sliced up my beef pieces and placed them in a bowl. Add some drizzle of fine sesame oil, chili oil, dried chili flakes. Oh, I boil the noodles in a separate pan and use another one for the broth.
This evening I chose store bought ramen ( I know, shoot me but I love it!) and boiled the spice sachet with a cube of beef broth for extra flavor.


Once the veggies and meat are prepared in a bowl, boil the noodles up to your liking (I like tougher noodles) and use a small strainer (made with small netting) to drain the noodles. Shake and wiggle those noodles until they are dry and place beautifully in the bowl. Take your broth and use a soup ladle to top the noodles off. Watch the oils and broth magically combine creating an amazing array of flavors. Did I tell you it smells amazing too? I added some chopped scallions and dried onion to top it off.


It was super spicy though, my lips are still burning from the chili oil!
Now, to prepare those cinnamon buns for work tomorrow..

What is your go-to quick dinner ideas?



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