Birthday girl.

IMG_20170715_171205-2This weekend will be remembered as one of the most memorable ones for some time..

My best friend N from Glasgow surprised me Thursday evening and she stayed all weekend. I am so blessed for having good friends like her around. I haven’t seen N in over 10 months! We ended up spending our weekend watching Dirty Dancing, Pride and Prejudice and some scary movies too!
Also, I got a lovely surprise birthday dinner @ Yamamori with our friends. Totaly oblivious, I was not prepared to see my friends there. It was such a great evening.
I was spoiled with lovely food and drinks and amazing company. All thanks to my lovely husband to be that kept this a total secret for weeks! I wouldn’t be able to keep something that exciting to myself for that long.

Just a few short words, I told you guys in my previous post that I used to fret my birthdays and I have been feeling this way in my fear of getting old. After this weekend getting older is not that bad anymore, as long as you have friends to celebrate it with. It was a wonderful birthday.

What is the most fun surprise you’ve had for your birthday?



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