A day of Baking.

Today was a really lazy laid back Sunday. It was so wonderful.
I’ve been baking today, which was great.

I used my favorite recipe of breadrolls from Grandma L, they are a family favorite. The recipe has been with me since Christmas 2014 after tasting them for the first time during Christmas Day luncheon. These breadrolls are not sweet, not savory. Just tasting neutral, perfect for jam but also for ham sammies. These breadrolls are such a joy to bake, easy to do.


I also made another batch of rye bread.

And I can’t have a lazy baking day without baking cinnamon buns. These are W’s most favorite cinnamon bun recipe. The buns are jumbo sized, drizzled with sugar and filled with a vanilla/cinnamon butter filling. Sinful but so delicious.
Makes a grown woman cry!

Surprisingly enough, we haven’t had a lot to eat. Now when W is back home with our family for a few weeks, me and K do not cook a lot of food. We settle for sandwiches and soups. Even the occasional salad and so. Gotta love me some summer salad. Today however, we made a light chowder, a Norwegian recipe. It was so fresh. I sprinkled some dry dill on top. Just because I can!

Back to crafting.. I had to frog K’s man sweater. I just couldn’t keep doing it.
I used a Drops pattern for it and it was HUGE. So huge it was like a skirt on me
and I am a hefty girl. So … frog it was. I talked to K about it and he let me have the yarn for myself. This green yarn have just been playing with my heart strings.
This green is so lush. It makes me #yarnswoon.


I started making Welcome September with this Cascade 220 yarn.
It is so pretty, and the pattern is super simple actually. The leaf pattern sings to me, and thinking of wearing this for autumn just puts a smile on my lips.


I do not want this weekend to end, it was such a lovely one. So many memories, so many hours of blissful relaxing. I wish everyone could have weekends like this now and then! How do you relax on your weekends?

Love, T

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