Floating away.

Life has been floating away in our little home.
Days seem to pass by and life just chugs a long at a steady pace.
Summer holidays is coming up soon.

Lately (the past 3 days) I have not touched any yarn.
It feels strange. It feels weird.
I haven’t scoped out new projects, seized more yarn, or worked on anything for that matter.
I feel that creatively, I’ve been drained.
I feel like I haven’t been paying attention to my yarn.
I feel like a bad yarn person.

This yarn person needs a break.
What is wrong with me?!

Sometimes it is needed to have a nice break to just stand back for a while and see what is left to be done. May it be any creative projects of any kind, to stand back and reflect on what has been so far can be so rewarding and inspiring as the writing is on the wall: Being creative provides you so many accomplishments, that those moments needs savouring.

I am taking a step back to reflect now.
This little leaf needs to find where the wind is blowing and where the water is flowing.. for a little time (perhaps another day or two, or who knows.. even longer)

Have you ever had a creative “break”?

Lots of love,

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