Say hello to Betty, my planner.

I think it’s an OCD that I like to organize and arrange things, and it is just plain awful at times. So to follow on my little posts about creatively organizing my life I will now share my planning obsession! To be honest with you, I am not a generic girl with the generic level of need to be “creative”. I need to personalize literally everything if I can.

Let me present you to Betty, my planner:


Betty is a new addition to my planning craze. During my years of planning I always have 1 or 2 planners at hand that needs to be in my life. They can be big, or small and before, I never really paid a lot of attention to decorating or even having a “pretty planner”. I just needed a planner to stay organized on the home front. Most of the times I had a planner at home and of course one in my work bag. This year, I have 1 at home and 1 on the phone. The phone planner is great to share with my hubby, and then of course I have Betty now. Betty is so extremely pretty and easy to personalize with stickers, pins and other cute stuffies that makes my heart skip a beat. This planner is a cute design and this beauty is indeed a roomy planner with loads of options for making every page “my own”.

I can add extra pages, shopping lists and photos on the go and I also use it for intentional living writing and memory keeping. Betty is actually what they call a memory planner. With that said, I try to mix both things together to create a nice diary of things to do and things that I want to remember.. the little moments and nice things we have done as a family on a weekend f.ex. I have also attached some cute mini Polaroids for the extra cuteness factor.


Not only is this planner a breeze to use for organizing and planning, it is such a pretty creative planner with all the flowers and notes, and it fits me so well. I love the vintage feel of the flowers and stickers. Also the memory planner is completely in gold and it makes my desk so beautiful. I am head over heals for Betty!

This is how a week in my life can look like on a normal and non busy week!

Not only does it keep on track with everything but I do it in style and I can keep it as cluttered or uncluttered as I would like, depending on my mood, or how much I would like to memorize and plan.

Do you like to live intentionally and be a “planner” and what kind of planner do you use?

Lot’s of love,

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