Shades of granny stripes.

I woke up this sunny morning so inspired to share my thoughts with you all, but things took a different turn this morning. Where to start..

So I tried to fix my pictures on my blog at one stage, accidentally deleted them all in my media library here at WP, then had to somewhat put them back into place in e.v.e.r.y single post I’ve ever written. It was very traumatic let me tell you. My head was struggling to remember how and where the pictures were placed in every written post.

It ended up with me winging it completely, digging up pictures from the laptop and Ravelry. But to finish that off, I am done now! Just took a few long hours to get that sorted. While fixing the pictures I was very much comfortably lodged in the couch and watched some Netflix, and the choice this morning fell on Anne with an E. It is a brand-new Series adapted from the Anne from Green Gables books. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed this story until I tuned in to this TV show. It is incredibly well made. Another book series to start re-reading again! I can’t wait for more episodes as I almost watched all episodes already.

Nothing special is happening today, this is just one of those days when me and the family doze off and slowly daze into the afternoon reading, crafting, watching series on the TV.. a non active, non useful day but so nourishing for the soul.
Everybody needs days like this!

So back to why I wanted to write today.. I started a new blanket that I wanted to share with all of you. This blanket will be made selfishly for my family and I am already revelling in the colors I’ve chosen! With aran weight yarn, this beauty is all full of squishy goodness that is just asking to be used for all those cozy moments inside and of course, outside. My only question now remains to see how rainy this Irish Summer will be! It’s with big worry and some concern as I do love spending as much time I can outside in the warmer months of the year…

For this project I went back to my old favorite Stylecraft Special range,
I chose the aran yarn for this blanket to make it thicker and have a more structured feel to it. After a bit of hooking however I have discovered it will be a very chunky blanket, but since when has anyone said no to a chunky, colorful granny blanky? 🙂

For a loose hooker like me this is a perfect yarn as I feel my granny stripes does not end up too loose because the aran yarn kind of compensates for it. Also, I am using my tulip no.5 crochet needle. The tulip range has really grown on me so much I am currently only using them, and them alone. Also, the beautiful pink handle is a joy to hold during my crochet sessions.

The Stylecraft Special Aran range is limited in colors which is a shame because this yarn is perfect for blankets, rugs, pillows and bags. I would probably use this yarn more if the range would be as extensive as the DK range. Especially with the three new shades that were released late April, Mushroom, Vintage Peach and Buttermilk. Upon choosing these shades I pictured this blanket in a caravan during late summer evenings under some beautiful big green trees full of leaves whooshing in the wind or a garden picnic with homemade sandwiches and strawberry cordial.
This is my family’s summer blanket and I am already loving it to bits!

Today I should probably be doing other things than just being lazy and blissfully touching and squishing my not yet ready blanket, but I just can’t help it.. it’s so wonderful.

Have you made a summer blanket for your family or friends, and what colors did you choose?

Lots of love,


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