Spring everywhere.

It is so nice to be back here in my little corner of this big internet world!
Spring has always been a busy season for our little family; First Easter holidays, then kiddos birthday and visits from family. With the Spring season just arriving to Ireland there is more outings and activities that opens up for us to get out and be active. I consider us lucky that we live in a great place with so many green areas and parks to hang out!

Amongst getting the garden patio clean, BBQ evenings and cosy evenings at home, I had enough inspiration to start working a few projects again!
Life has been floating away in a slow and steady pace and with two lovely weeks at home, lounging with family and friends and enjoying some fibery goods! Also managed to store and stack my yarns, which is now stored away safely in the closet. If I would have it around all the time there would not be any more time to do anything productive at all, lol. I would have only been squishing and touching yarn aaall daaay loong 🙂

I am working on another post with another finished project that I have made. It is a personal favorite of mine that I know will go to good hands.

What have you been up to this Spring?
Toting in the garden, or cooking delicious seasonal foods?

See you soon!



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