Spring colors.

More than often, I find myself falling in love with bright and cheerful colors.
Yet if someone would look into my little home it’s just very.. gray?

We have lived in our rented 2 bedroom apartment fully furnished with patio for almost 6 years now which is quite some time. As a result of this we do not own a lot of furniture and also not allowed to paint in another color than ..you guessed it:


So in a sense I have been working on a fairly neutral color scheme since we stepped foot in our home.
However my projects fail to be neutral which to me is a bit funny!
I find neutral colored yarn a bit boring.. except last dance on the beach, that was totally cool!

I guess if the walls would have been a warm gray shade I could be more versatile.
Right now the walls are a light/medium shade of cool gray that has ever so slightly a tinge of green/blue (sage?) in specific light. Our curtains are now grey/white stripes, a bit of oak furnishing and dark brown couches. Once I’ve arranged everything I’ll produce some images.

Come today Sunday and all the colors are there! I find myself picking the most cheerful flowers in Woodies, with all the blues, purples and pinks. It makes me so happy! The abundance of flowers, spring in the air and the primulas that are just plain gorgeous!
Woodies stocked my favorite blossoms, my Bellis Perennis, the cute pom pom flowers in pink and also ranunculus in so many varieties of colors and shapes. I felt like bringing all the flowers with me home but K stopped me before I could put my thoughts to action.

We had a BBQ after being good today and it was well deserved. We topped it off with some marshmallows over the BBQ and I also made a rhubarb and almond pie.

Me and the family are so tired, so weary and worn out. My back is hurting, kiddo fell asleep on the couch the tired little man he is, he was so good picking out flowers together with me and also helped me carry the groceries from the store. He was so happy exclaiming “I got the burgers mom, don’t worry”.  The medicines are working better now so that is a good sign. We are still checking him ever so often and the doctor visits will remain frequent until the medication is on full dosage.

I can smell that rhubarb pie and it smells heavenly… it smells of spring!
This pie is a nice evening snack for this little family completely worn down
after being out all day in the garden.

Have you ever had a lovely day out in the garden?


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