Fresh air.

Today was a glorious day I tell you! The sun was shining, sky was blue all through out the day and not a grey cloud in sight. It felt wonderful and it was refreshing. It feels like spring is letting me know by more light during the days and buds in the trees and bushes. It feels like new beginnings.

Me and kiddo took a long stroll today in St. Catherines park with a picnic and my kindle. I was not willing to go out at first as it was too comfy just being inside after a brunch and it was so quiet and peaceful this morning. However I realized that beautiful days have been far from many the past few months so we put our trainers on and it was lovely.

Kiddo found some treasures, pine cones, “dinosaur” leaves (ferns) and we kept exploring the woods where the ivy has been growing wild and free and nature is being it’s best.
The air is crisp and cold but it did not stop us on our little adventure!

After a few hours of exploring we made it up to the huge playground and kiddo had a lovely sandwich and refreshments at a bench overlooking the lovely forest and mountains. Sometimes I forget I live in Ireland when we have days like these, most of the days are pretty gloomy or rainy so this was such a nice surprise! Kiddo was smiling all the time and did not complain at all even if he did not bring his bike.

After our  fun time adventure we decided to head home but I did manage to send kiddo for a haircut at the local barbers in between and he is now an extra handsome boy, his hair was growing so long over his forehead he almost needed a bobby pin to keep it away from his eyes! We couldn’t have that so in he went and I kept him distracted so the lady actually could finish cutting him without kiddo getting a cut on his forehead. Aw, the joys of parenthood! I was very relieved to finally sit down however once we got there cause my feet were throbbing and my ankles were in pain. It was a perfect day today anyways even if I became sore cause it was so fun being in the sunshine with my little boy.

Also, I managed to finish some blocks for the “Last dance in the snow” blanket, without any pain! It is turning out to be a hefty bunch of blocks now when counting them and I cannot wait to show you all what I’ve been up to. Inspired is today’s magic word.


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