The Sweater.

I have finally managed to upload some pictures after that the sun was out and the lighting was great. This color is perfect, I love it so much. It is even called “Shire”.  Shire is a lush green shade that is heathered and knits up beautifully. I am so totally hooked on the Cascade 220 range now and I am very happy I chose to take the plunge!

I have been sick all week with the flu so I haven’t been doing anything. It has been a bit of a feverish state for me the past few days and now when the fever settled I am just feeling a bit numb. I have only been on the couch and been resting which is pretty much what I have been up to all week. Hopefully I will be fully recovered before the weekend. K is leaving for Belgium tomorrow for the Fosdem event and I will be running the house over the weekend. Hoping it will all be better till then!



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