Life is really hectic right now.

Sometimes, I forget it’s perfectly fine to have a breather to absorb and reflect over certain things.

After 2 weeks of being at home over Christmas and New Years, the reality of work, school runs and the stress hit me harder than I thought it would. To be honest here it was really more of a #bitchslap. I’ve been crying, sleeping, working, doing chores and all that other boring stuff that is not really that super fun to read about, but it’s my life as I live it for now.

I’ve been really busy at work and as people in the corporate sector everywhere would say it really is about the work-life balance. What can one do when this balance is completely out of proportion and it is really hard to find that perfect combination to able to maintain the happiness and structure?

“To set things in a list of priorities would be really good” I’d think, but as the day passes by those priorities just fly out the window as I see the hours go and I believed myself to have managed almost everything on my daily task list. It’s such a shame I have to sleep for a few hours every night, or I would have used that for my creative outbursts instead!

My arms however have fully recovered! I am so happy and relieved!
I started knitting a sweater for my soon to be husband (so weird saying that) and my darling “Last Dance in the Snow” on a hiatus for now until I am ready to start crocheting again. I have decided to take things slowly and just enjoy what I can do for now and allow myself some recovery. I do believe in little miracles like being able to knit a whole pattern chart without pain so I am truly blessed I do not need to suffer in a fiber less enigma.

The sweater is full of cabley goodness and just the right project for me right now.
The yarn used is the Cascade 220 yarn I mentioned in my previous post.
I would have loved to shown pictures but for my next post I will produce pictures.
I’ve been doing 6 sets of the cable chart already and usually do 1 pattern set for a session.
To give my arms some rest and not to strain them I stop at that, but it’s a little guilty pleasure of mine for now.

The Adalia pattern I purchased at Ravelry was really tricky. I think I cast on 10 times (yes, 10 times!) before I decided to give up. It was something to do with how the pattern was worded and the order of doing the setup chart that confused me greatly. I still have the pattern of course so I might just give it a go when the project has taken a more upswing and more explanations have been given on the forums for it. It’s a shame as I really imagined my Shire colored Cascade Yarn to be the highlight of this pattern with the cables. Well well, life is all about the compromises and positive surprises one receives. Even though hectic, this too shall pass and calm will be restored..


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