Kelly Green.

As Christmas and New Years has come and gone and the decorations are stuffed away back in the attic, we can now start looking forward the coming months, new colors and more projects to line up as days will soon get lighter, air will once again smell of fresh cut grass, and more inspiration can be gotten all around. Unfortunately, something happened to my camera settings and when I was to upload these images to my creative cloud account to have a look see on what might needed some editing I realized all of the images were blurry beyond salvation. I really need to sharpen up my photography skills!

Pantone this year revealed Greenery to be the color of the year for 2017, I have been waiting patiently for the announcement for quite some time. Now and then I visit their website and look through for new updates and forecasts. As we all know 2013 was the year of the Emerald, and I adore that color. Today, I almost wanted to go on a Shopping Frenzy online after discovering darling kelly green! I’ve known it’s been a really popular shade of green for a few seasons now but I never thought it would be a shade I would ever enjoy. But the more I looked in Pinterest and Google the more I fell in love. What a color! It is so fresh and springy, it’s a thick green without being to heavy or dull. Kelly Green is now my new favorite color. In honor of this discovery I wanted to share a Pinterest board with you all showing the versatility of this shade. The Pantone shade of the year is not really my thing, it is not flattering to my skin tone and definitely a shade I would not have in my home so I have now compromised and gone for Kelly Green as my own little “Greenery”.

I managed to order myself a beautiful kelly green coat and also ordered 15 skeins of a darker green yarn from Wool Warehouse, Cascade 220 in shade 2445. The creative name for 2445 is “Shire”. It’s a dark ivy/palm green in a heathered colorway, I saw they had a lovely palm green shade too with no heather but it was just a tad bit much for me. On Ravelry I found a fairly new pattern named Adalia and imagined wearing this cardigan on our Spring outings. No jacket needed for that sweater! Cascade is 100% wool and it is a DK yarn so think it will do the job pretty well. I fell in love with the Adalia pattern so after I have let my arms rest I will start to knit again instead.

There is only 1 crochet project on my to do list, but I’ve had to put it away as crocheting have been putting a lot of strain on my arms. It’s pretty painful and I’ve tried different sorts of crochet hooks from Tulip, Drops, Clover and it’s too painful. I wish the project remaining was not too big so I could finish it but right now I just had to put it away. The project I am currently working on is the “Last dance in the rain” CAL by Scheepjes in memory of Marinke Slump. I’ve done so many blankets the past year with no pain at all, but I think this project just literally broke me (and almost my arms). I managed to do 8 squares of week 2 and 4 and remaining 4 squares up until week 5. I did change the color way a bit and it is called “Last dance in the snow”, and is being done for my mum.

There will be a longer break for now but the knitting needles will be picked up again instead once I’ve recovered. It sucks so much but my arms and wrists needs proper resting and recovery before going at it again so it won’t turn into chronic pain in the long run. I will keep posting in the meanwhile when I have some inspiration.

Talk to you soon,

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