Dublin in November

There is something special about Dublin in November; Especially around Merrion Square. We were blessed with lovely weather this past Saturday morning and beautiful changing foliage. My mom came in from Sweden last week and it was great to finally show her around our favourite spots.

Autumn is definitely my favorite season.

Autumn to me also means a slight change on our dinner table,  with hearty stews (which happens to be my favorite type of food), apple pies, blueberry crumbles,  comforting hot drinks and also having this routine of lighting candles and tealights all over the house to get that nice, cosy feeling. With the cold days around the corner this also brings out a craving from my family and mostly myself to have blankets everywhere in the living room to snuggle up in, and of course these blankets needs to be handmade. (By me!)

After a stroll in the park and a brief visit in the ‘Giant’s Garden’ we slowly strolled towards the Spire as the day progressed, paid a visit to Lush so that me and kiddo could get more fizzy, colorful bath bombs and then we treated ourselves to some lovely fish and chips at The Black Sheep. Kris got to try some great new additions to the their craft beer selection at The Black Sheep. He had a little taster tray with 3 tasters from their newest selection. To be frank,  they all smell and taste like soapy water to me and taste like it too (don’t ask me why,  I just do). We came home pretty late that evening and kiddo was pretty tired, but it was a perfect day in Dublin together with my family. I am already looking forward to Christmas, and all the fun we will have together.

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