Bringing it back.

Our house have been a rollercoaster the past 4 weeks, crazy sweet thing people call life! My blog has not been forgotten, but between my various sicknesses ( respiratory infection, the flu, pain in my arms, migraines) some personal family stuff and a hectic work schedule things have just been too much for me to be grazing in the creative spectrum right now. I have not been crafting as much as I would like which just sucks. But there will be peace, and a light at the end of the tunnel, I am sure of this! 

I promise, I will be bringing it back soon, I have a few lovely updates to share…

Lots of love, 


Autumn rain.


I just couldn’t help it folks, Autumn is here and it was time to get the candles out! Just as the heavens opened up and brought the rain, the skies were cloudy gray. It was still light out, but the weather just called for some cozy time at home.

This weekend I finished my pretty crochet candle holders. I saved up 2 large mason jars and had two spare IKEA vases and to crochet some sleeves for them was easy peasy and they were done in a jiffy. All though effortless the final result looks like a million bucks!


I used Scheepjes Softfun for this these sleeves, and they are crochet tight before putting them on. It was a trial and effort getting the patterns looking nice stretched out. It’s a beautiful soft ecru shade, also two gray shades that looks nice with the sofa cushions and the walls and it just feels like it goes together. All these little sweeties are making my coffee table a bit more prettier and made my day definitely brighter!

Even our dog has been having a totally lazy day. Just look at him, what’s not to love about our O? Usually always lazy but today, just a teeny bit more lol.



As the rain was pouring down all day today it was a great chance to take care of my succulents. I’ve had them for years, almost 6 years. They were only small sproutlings when I got them and they were so small and tiny. I’ve now started to try and figure out how to take more sproutlings to grow more of them. I’ve grown attached to my plants, they have survived my brutal hands!




I have started a starburst granny square project, and I can’t wait to start sharing my progress with you guys. It’s a beaut!

Lots of love,


Welcome, September.

Reality is here to stay folks, the Summer Holidays are officially over.
We came home to a semi-tidy house but once we started unpacking the messiness that we are so used to returned! Surprise, surprise.

After numerous trips back home I still have not learned my lesson that every time we visit our family, there really is no need for a ton of jeans and clothing. Most importantly, only cozy clothes should have been prioritized as that is what I use most. This should give all of y’all an idea of how are visits back home are. Relaxing.

So after unpacking for a full day and started the infinite rounds of laundry, me and W scooted our way to Tesco to get him his uniform. But alas, none of the pants they had fit. We did however manage to get some dinner ingredients for a few days and other things to stock up for the monthly expendables such as laundry detergents, our dogs dry and wet food and small little things. I managed to get my hands on some sunflowers!
Sunflowers and me have a very special relationship. Sunflowers makes me incredibly happy. This summer my Sunflowers have been very few so my heart skipped a beat when I saw these in the flower section. I grabbed a bundle and they went with me home.

This bright yellow shade of my sunflowers reminds me of the sun yellow Kauni yarn I’ve gotten for the baby blanket edging. It’s bright, it’s happy and it’s just fabulous.
Every time I walk past my dinner table I swoon and swoon over these flowers. The petals are so pretty and the flowers are so huge. I could stare at these forever.
And to add to the happiness these flowers bring, I had to bring forth my finished Kauni blanket, just because I can! I believe the border will make this blanket even more special. For the moment I have not managed to find a nice pattern to use, I have scrolled Ravelry and Google but also skimmed through my books at home. I have to give it some time so I can settle for a nice border. For now I am not even sure if it will be a knitted or crocheted border. I think both of them would suit the blanket well!
These colors are so bright and suit so well with each other. The color gradations seems to flow into this lovely array of shades in between that is very pleasing to look at. I can’t wait sharing this with my best friend and her baby, that is due in a few weeks.
Of course I had to share my beauties with you, our sign of commitment and devotion to each other. In Norway, most couples wear their rings on the right hand, I am switching between my hands to figure out what suits me best. Still not used to wearing two bands instead of one. Looking at them makes me so happy. Even though this week got a heavy start with travelling home and getting ready for W’s school, we are still in a wedded bliss. It’s wonderful and I can see K smile a lot and often. It’s just such a great thing, love.

As it was W’s first day at School today, he asked for us to cook some chicken wings.
He found some recipe in his Tasty app that he desperately wanted to try, so we went to the local butchers and got our chicken wings. They even chopped them for us and the price was cheaper than the grocery store. It’s these little things that makes me love our village, to have local services like this that keeps the community together.
These wings were not too spicy. I did find them a bit tangy. We used our faithful Frank’s hot sauce and buffalo sauce for this recipe. It turned out well. We also made 2 small baby back ribs that I smothered in my quick to make barbecue sauce. Just some ketchup, chili flakes, maple syrup, pepper and red wine vinegar that simmers for some time while we fried the wings and waited for the ribs to finish. The sauce was perfect, a bit sweet but some heat that made W ask for seconds. Both K and W had messy gooey fingers, I don’t know why but eating without cutlery can sometimes be so fun and rewarding.

On Monday the early mornings, heavy commuting and work will kick off again. I don’t want to think too much about it at this stage. There is still a lovely weekend to enjoy and to be honest, work is still super distant in my mind. I hold it off until I have to face it again. I can’t believe this Summer is now over. I can only hope that Autumn will be around the corner.

Until then, why not think back on your own Summer memories, which is your favorite?

Have a wonderful evening!

Lots of love,

Last Summer days.

Yesterday, we decided to go back to “Båthuset” to enjoy one of the last sunsets in Norway this time around. The past week has been so good to us with sunny and bright days and really fun late summer evenings and nights.


M and W decided to go for a swim. It was lovely. The air was still fairly warm and the skies turned a bit darker as we walked down the path to the boathouse. I was not sure the photos might not turn out very good due to the light but in a whim I decided to bring my camera.


I could see my brother was a bit cold, it wasn’t the warmest of evenings. But it was so nice to see him relax and smile as he stood by the waterside preparing to jump into the water.

I saw the pictures turned a bit grainy as I was looking through some of the images, but I feel now it suited the moment I have managed to capture.


We are leaving tomorrow morning. All of our guests have left the house, a house that has brought so much love and friends, family together the past week. I will miss the late nights at the patio, enjoying the talks, hearing the laughs and the stories that were shared, the funny, good, awesome and just plain wholesome ones that brought smiles to all our faces. This was a very special time, with special people and I think these memories will be here for some time to come.







Cheers to life, love and summer time.

Lots of love,


Kauni + Me.

Kauni yarns are one of the prettiest yarns on the block. I have had Kauni’s effekt garn in my yarnstash multiple times over the years and the colors are so pretty and happy. What I like most about this particular yarn is the long color variations and the colors that are so harmoniously blended together, which makes knitting with these yarns seamless and less effort than other yarns. Come to my WIP of the week, a cute Kauni blanket:

P1010256-1The colors just seem to blend so well together and the colors fit together even if it’s a cascade of shades. I have used the Ten stitch blanket  pattern found on Ravelry. I did however use 21 caston stitches in stead of 10 to make the rows a little bit wider.
The yarn is a bit rougher than perhaps other yarns, but once done I will soak this blanky in some cold water and softener to perhaps soften it up a bit. The colors are so beautiful and just looking at this squishy uber cute blanket.
I started Saturday last week with this project and it is growing slowly and steady. I cannot wait to knit this project finished with the border. I ordered a sun yellow Kauni 8/2 yarn for the lace border.

Lots of love,


Norwegian Sea.

Norwegian Sea. The ocean and the lush green backdrop calls for some visual swooning.
We go to Norway way to less than before and every time we get the chance to go back to my mom in law I don’t understand why we just don’t travel here more often! The past few years our trips back home have been less than few and thinking about all the fun we are missing out on makes me a bit sad. Norway has settled itself pretty deep in my soul.

The Summer is slowly giving away for Fall. I feel it in the air. The cooler winds and the darker nights are approaching slowly. The sun is shining but the heat dissipates quicker. We are enjoying our Indian Summer here. We have missed this so much!

For the past 6 years no Summer is complete without a visit to our family in Norway. It’s a lovely time for holidays. I think it is because people are more relaxed and the weather is usually always good during this time. People here then tend to be more laid back and seem to smile a lot and often! I love K’s family. Nothing beats their love and hospitality. With our wedding coming in the coming days I feel I am so blessed and happy. Norway has given me my own roots to grow and a family tree. They are an amazing bunch of people that has taken me and W in as their own. And to me, that is something that cannot ever be replaced.

I guess my writing right now is a bit emotional. But I do think it has to do with the memories I have here. Because for every visit, my heart grows fonder of the people I get to know here. And I have to keep making space to let more happiness in!

Every Summer here makes me love Norway more. The amazing family, the delicious simple foods and the calming sea. W has not been this calm for a good long time, and I can see K’s shoulder rest a bit more relaxed which feels so good in my soul. Holidays here calms all of us down.

P1010167-1Every year, I wish we are not to leave. I just can’t take not seeing these lovely sunsets again for another year. I will dream about these days in the sun with W and K for a long time….


Lots of love,


Heather Laminaria.

I love heather blooms. Heathers here in Ireland are just so pretty come autumn.
The hills would be covered in it and the different shades of purple and pink would just cascade over the landscape. Me and K vowed to go back to Wicklow mountains this autumn/winter to catch this beautiful scenery so I can take lovely pictures.

Inspired by our heather blooms, I just finished my heather laminaria.
If memory serves me correct I’ve done 10 laminaria shawls over the years. It is just one of my favourite patterns to do. After all this time I’ve managed to really enjoy the pattern for what it is, a lace pattern that just sings to my heart.
This laminaria is for my mother in Law M. She is K’s stepmom. I love her, she is just as crafty as me I would even say she is in deeper than what I am haha.
M is such a lovely person through and through and I’ve gotten to know her and her creative process which to me is amazing.

This shawl was made for her as a belated birtday gift. I never got around to finish it in time and I just felt now, a week before the wedding would be a good time to give it to her. During this project there was no real need to stop knitting it, but as it grew larger and larger and I simply had to finish it off and wet block it before it grew too big! It is almost 175 cm wide at the neck!! So it’s a hefty shawl but the drape after the wet block is soft and so flattering. I love this alpaca yarn. I tried draping it around my shoulders and it was so beautiful.

So without further ado, this is my version of the Heather Laminaria:

2017-08-19 09.23.32


Pattern: Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman
Yarn: Drops Alpaca in 4434 x 10

Knitting needles:
3.5 mm For star stitch pattern
4 mm For the blossom pattern
4.5 mm For the edging

2017-08-19 09.23.16

2017-08-19 09.27.07

2017-08-19 09.26.53
2017-08-19 09.27.44

2017-08-19 09.27.20

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love,


Ramen girl.

I love ramen. I am the ramen girl. I’ve tried literally loads of ramen from different places, flavors and ingredients. Slurpy, oodly goodie kinda ramen with some nice broth and yummy meat. This girl is a total meat lover!

This evening however I did not have time for the fancy schmancy ramen with my own homemade broth or other exotic ingredients. We had leftover slices of steak in the fridge, and ideas were swirling around for dinner ideas. And poof, ramen it was!


For my no BS ramen, I am still a bit of a crazy girl when it comes to preparation.
I cut and pre-boiled my baby corn so they got a teeny bit soft and sliced up my beef pieces and placed them in a bowl. Add some drizzle of fine sesame oil, chili oil, dried chili flakes. Oh, I boil the noodles in a separate pan and use another one for the broth.
This evening I chose store bought ramen ( I know, shoot me but I love it!) and boiled the spice sachet with a cube of beef broth for extra flavor.


Once the veggies and meat are prepared in a bowl, boil the noodles up to your liking (I like tougher noodles) and use a small strainer (made with small netting) to drain the noodles. Shake and wiggle those noodles until they are dry and place beautifully in the bowl. Take your broth and use a soup ladle to top the noodles off. Watch the oils and broth magically combine creating an amazing array of flavors. Did I tell you it smells amazing too? I added some chopped scallions and dried onion to top it off.


It was super spicy though, my lips are still burning from the chili oil!
Now, to prepare those cinnamon buns for work tomorrow..

What is your go-to quick dinner ideas?



Memories from Scotland.

Last year, me and K went to Scotland. It was something that just happened, it was close by and we desperately needed to get away. After finishing kiddos backlog of pictures for his photo album and documenting this little trip for another photo album I decided another try at editing the pictures in black & white from our trip. I l.o.v.e black and white photography, to me it brings out the pure raw detailing of a picture. Luckily while taking most of these pictures the weather was moody which just brought out these dramatic images of the sky. I miss Scotland. I miss Edinburgh! The place is just brooding with beautiful architecture and history that it seeps through the walls. Among the old the new has popped out making this city a mix of an eclectic urban skyline that blends together creating something quirky but smart. Coming to Scotland made me understand why Harry Potter locations was inspired to be the way they were.

Circus Lane was definitely a surprise, my hidden little gem. The day we discovered this place it was desolate and empty. No cars, no people. Just us on this street which made it such a truly wonderful experience. It felt like we were uncovering a secret piece of history. Back in the cab on our way to the hotel we told the taxi driver about Circus Lane and how much we loved that place, the driver was happily surprised and said that our little gem had a lot of history. That was a wow moment for us!

During this holiday we walked everywhere, to shops, museums and the local attractions, just plainly discovering Edinburgh our way, the crazy I-don’t-care-if-we-get-lost kinda way. No maps no books, no nothing was used. It was an amazing way to explore as everyday turned out to be an adventure. We kept things super simple, got our sandwiches and drinks from a local M & S store and packed our backpacks for the stroll and just wandered around for hours on end till we got swollen feet and slept like babies every night! Our evenings were short but sweet, me and K recapping while sipping our hot tea in bed while discussing the things we did during that day.



We made our way down to Dean village, a cute little hideaway area that we walked to and just immersed ourselves in the pretty surroundings. I am a lover of Tudor novels and Royal history in general and for me this place was very special somehow, it felt like I was taken back into time. I could imagine a lady doing her embroidery by the bay window looking out over the river below during a cloudy day dreaming away, or perhaps ladies washing their clothes in the water? I am not sure what the history of Dean Village is as I never bothered to look it up, but the feeling of being so close to this amazing architecture made me feel in awe of the history these buildings must carry!







To continue our little trip we went to have a day trip to Glencoe. I live in Ireland and yes the scenery here is pretty from what we have seen so far. But the beauty of Glencoe still amazes me. It haunts the spirits of a clan that was pursued and killed here for some time ago. From what I’ve read online when we came back home it was a brutal massacre. Glencoe is a bittersweet place and somehow it felt like the lost spirits lingered in the wind. Me and K enjoyed this stop the most, in silence we just took in the majestic hills and made me wonder how it must have been for those that lost their lives here.




Our entire trip has now become sweet memories of how amazing Scotland is. I want to go back someday and see more. Those ten fun days were not enough looking back now, but that is what even the smallest of travel can do to a person, it makes you want to explore more. A faraway distant place is definately not needed to experience discovery and exploration. I wish I just could travel and take pictures more often, with my fiber crafts in tow! I would be the happiest girl if that ever would come true!

I am a little bit nostalgic writing this, these memories that funnily enough just set itself in my heart. Next year, hopefully more travels be on the map and hopefully we will feel like adventurers again! Not much was needed to feel so content with our trip. The simplest things makes the best memories.

Tell me, have you traveled somewhere that left an imprint in your soul?





Slow knitting.

Last week, I came down with some awful sickness. My right side of my throat was swollen (the gland) and also I lost my voice. On top of that, some fever to kind off round it up for 2 days. I am okay now but my throat is still a bit sore. With sickness means also there hasn’t been any knitting or crafting a lot. I didn’t have any energy and was just lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself. K was around so he took care of me which was super sweet!  Funnily enough, eating spicy food during this time numbed the pain a bit which to me was a bit comforting when I was at my worst. The house is a mess and there is stuff everywhere in the house but hey, it will become better! Bless this house!

Most of my projects have been gifted to friends and family this year but my Welcome, September  is only for me! It’s crazy that I do not have issues knitting or crocheting large blankets but this cardigan is just a massive project for me as I am not used to knitting garments anymore and however fun knitting garments takes a bit more patience on my end to make sure the project gets finished. As a fiber crafter I tend to lose interest really fast. Reading the pattern was a bit tricky, had to reread to understand and also to get the hang of the “rhythm” while knitting and to be honest, this is just slow knitting at it’s finest.

It is a top down knitted sweater worked back and forth and at first I found the cable leaves fun to knit, but as the rows changed and no more cables were knitted it has now turned into an endless work of knit knit knit and purl purl purl.




I will however knit the arms in the round using only knit stitches. But the effects of this texture is just gorgeous, this green Cascade 220 yarn in shade 2445 (Shire) is one of my favorite shades of green. And yes, it is just as green as I have portrayed it here on my blog. It’s a lovely deep green shade with flecks of green gold in it but darker. It’s has a lush feel to it and the yarn is wonderful to work with. I might have a few skeins left over, and that will be a nice addition to my yarn stash. I have almost finished the body and have the ribbings and sleeves left over which is easy peasy to knit so all in all hopefully will be done in a week or so, depending how I feel and what my arms are like the coming days. This green reminds me of deep forests, wet leaves on the ground. The summer- green-that-you-can-only-find-in-the-woods-kinda-green. I use my 80cm Symfonie circular knitting needles in size 4.5 for this cardi and let me tell you it’s a dream together with this Cascade yarn.

IMG_20170723_151601-2.jpg The stitches comes off so easily and it doesn’t strain my hands when working extensively for a while. These have become a favorite so i will definitely keep building my needle stash with these.

Have you any “slow knitting” projects?



Beautiful morning.

I just had to share this beautiful morning with you all, it is such a pretty sight. What a shame that I need to work today, would have loved spending my day taking pictures and just relaxing in the sun.

When was the last time you saw the beautiful sunrise?



Birthday girl.

IMG_20170715_171205-2This weekend will be remembered as one of the most memorable ones for some time..

My best friend N from Glasgow surprised me Thursday evening and she stayed all weekend. I am so blessed for having good friends like her around. I haven’t seen N in over 10 months! We ended up spending our weekend watching Dirty Dancing, Pride and Prejudice and some scary movies too!
Also, I got a lovely surprise birthday dinner @ Yamamori with our friends. Totaly oblivious, I was not prepared to see my friends there. It was such a great evening.
I was spoiled with lovely food and drinks and amazing company. All thanks to my lovely husband to be that kept this a total secret for weeks! I wouldn’t be able to keep something that exciting to myself for that long.

Just a few short words, I told you guys in my previous post that I used to fret my birthdays and I have been feeling this way in my fear of getting old. After this weekend getting older is not that bad anymore, as long as you have friends to celebrate it with. It was a wonderful birthday.

What is the most fun surprise you’ve had for your birthday?



Empty schedule.


It’s crazy y’all! My schedule is literally empty this week.
I looked through my planner today. It’s all empty. This is the first week in a very long time that I do not have a bunch of commitments, appointments and other things to keep track of on a weekly basis. Well, except for my 25th Birthday on Saturday.. Jokes aside, I am turning 35. I can’t help it but I am fretting it a bit for some reason. It’s not like it’s the big 8-0. It’s 35. I don’t like the idea of getting older.

It is pretty evident when I look over my calendar this week and my birthday is the only note jotted down. My jaw dropped when I saw it. “Are you for real?” “What am I supposed to do with this planner, if I don’t have anything to look forward to?”


None the less, it doesn’t stop my planner from being plain gorgeous. What do I do when my week is empty? I will work all week so that will keep me busy for a while.


On a side note, I watched the latest Transformers movie with W and K last Friday. As an avid Transformers fan, this movie was so good. I loved it.
I love Optimus Prime. Thoughts are spinning, I could make a Transformers blanket..

Do you like an empty schedule for the week?
If yes, what do you fill it it?

And have you ever been inspired by a movie to make a blanket?


A day of Baking.

Today was a really lazy laid back Sunday. It was so wonderful.
I’ve been baking today, which was great.

I used my favorite recipe of breadrolls from Grandma L, they are a family favorite. The recipe has been with me since Christmas 2014 after tasting them for the first time during Christmas Day luncheon. These breadrolls are not sweet, not savory. Just tasting neutral, perfect for jam but also for ham sammies. These breadrolls are such a joy to bake, easy to do.


I also made another batch of rye bread.

And I can’t have a lazy baking day without baking cinnamon buns. These are W’s most favorite cinnamon bun recipe. The buns are jumbo sized, drizzled with sugar and filled with a vanilla/cinnamon butter filling. Sinful but so delicious.
Makes a grown woman cry!

Surprisingly enough, we haven’t had a lot to eat. Now when W is back home with our family for a few weeks, me and K do not cook a lot of food. We settle for sandwiches and soups. Even the occasional salad and so. Gotta love me some summer salad. Today however, we made a light chowder, a Norwegian recipe. It was so fresh. I sprinkled some dry dill on top. Just because I can!

Back to crafting.. I had to frog K’s man sweater. I just couldn’t keep doing it.
I used a Drops pattern for it and it was HUGE. So huge it was like a skirt on me
and I am a hefty girl. So … frog it was. I talked to K about it and he let me have the yarn for myself. This green yarn have just been playing with my heart strings.
This green is so lush. It makes me #yarnswoon.


I started making Welcome September with this Cascade 220 yarn.
It is so pretty, and the pattern is super simple actually. The leaf pattern sings to me, and thinking of wearing this for autumn just puts a smile on my lips.


I do not want this weekend to end, it was such a lovely one. So many memories, so many hours of blissful relaxing. I wish everyone could have weekends like this now and then! How do you relax on your weekends?

Love, T

A lazy Sunday.

So this is the first Sunday in a very long time that I have gotten the time and energy to sit down and start writing again. I am sitting here by my desk, with a cup of coffee and windows all open to let some cool summer breeze in.

I am waiting for my oven to get warm, I have 2 doughs of bread that is currently on the rise, one batch of rye bread and one batch of grandma L’s small breadrolls. They are both equally delicious. The apartment is pretty warm right now due to the oven lol.

As I wrote in my previous post, I had a few days of being yarn less. I think from my own perspective, that creative break was needed to gather more inspiration. Inspiration is something I get from everything, I can see a random cabled sweater in a storefront, the ocean. seashells, nature. My family has turned out to be the greatest inspiration of all. We are all so different but yet the same.

I have been toying around the idea if I should start designing my own patterns and garments but we will see how far that idea will go. It would be so fun and cool to share those patterns with fellow fiber crafters. Me and K have been discussing about selling Scandinavian crafted goods as well on Etsy.

So many ideas, so little time. I can tell you even though it was nice with a short “break” it felt so good to be able to start working with my hands again. What was the longest time you had a break?


Floating away.

Life has been floating away in our little home.
Days seem to pass by and life just chugs a long at a steady pace.
Summer holidays is coming up soon.

Lately (the past 3 days) I have not touched any yarn.
It feels strange. It feels weird.
I haven’t scoped out new projects, seized more yarn, or worked on anything for that matter.
I feel that creatively, I’ve been drained.
I feel like I haven’t been paying attention to my yarn.
I feel like a bad yarn person.

This yarn person needs a break.
What is wrong with me?!

Sometimes it is needed to have a nice break to just stand back for a while and see what is left to be done. May it be any creative projects of any kind, to stand back and reflect on what has been so far can be so rewarding and inspiring as the writing is on the wall: Being creative provides you so many accomplishments, that those moments needs savouring.

I am taking a step back to reflect now.
This little leaf needs to find where the wind is blowing and where the water is flowing.. for a little time (perhaps another day or two, or who knows.. even longer)

Have you ever had a creative “break”?

Lots of love,

Say hello to Betty, my planner.

I think it’s an OCD that I like to organize and arrange things, and it is just plain awful at times. So to follow on my little posts about creatively organizing my life I will now share my planning obsession! To be honest with you, I am not a generic girl with the generic level of need to be “creative”. I need to personalize literally everything if I can.

Let me present you to Betty, my planner:


Betty is a new addition to my planning craze. During my years of planning I always have 1 or 2 planners at hand that needs to be in my life. They can be big, or small and before, I never really paid a lot of attention to decorating or even having a “pretty planner”. I just needed a planner to stay organized on the home front. Most of the times I had a planner at home and of course one in my work bag. This year, I have 1 at home and 1 on the phone. The phone planner is great to share with my hubby, and then of course I have Betty now. Betty is so extremely pretty and easy to personalize with stickers, pins and other cute stuffies that makes my heart skip a beat. This planner is a cute design and this beauty is indeed a roomy planner with loads of options for making every page “my own”.

I can add extra pages, shopping lists and photos on the go and I also use it for intentional living writing and memory keeping. Betty is actually what they call a memory planner. With that said, I try to mix both things together to create a nice diary of things to do and things that I want to remember.. the little moments and nice things we have done as a family on a weekend f.ex. I have also attached some cute mini Polaroids for the extra cuteness factor.


Not only is this planner a breeze to use for organizing and planning, it is such a pretty creative planner with all the flowers and notes, and it fits me so well. I love the vintage feel of the flowers and stickers. Also the memory planner is completely in gold and it makes my desk so beautiful. I am head over heals for Betty!

This is how a week in my life can look like on a normal and non busy week!

Not only does it keep on track with everything but I do it in style and I can keep it as cluttered or uncluttered as I would like, depending on my mood, or how much I would like to memorize and plan.

Do you like to live intentionally and be a “planner” and what kind of planner do you use?

Lot’s of love,

My first photo album.

My mom and dad had so many photo albums of us kids growing up and I thought they were so fun to look at. I feel in today’s world we are too much focused on snapping with Instagram, Snapchat and what not..that kinda loses the charm of a nice home made photo album to show friends and family.

Now I just need to keep organizing and back-filling 9 years of photos into one album and so far I have only done the first 10 months of little W’s life! But I can’t wait to show kiddo when it is finished. I am so happy I finally found a way of scrapbooking without spending loads of time and still have a pretty result!

Do you like creating photo albums and if so what are your favorite themes?

Lots of love,

Shades of granny stripes.

I woke up this sunny morning so inspired to share my thoughts with you all, but things took a different turn this morning. Where to start..

So I tried to fix my pictures on my blog at one stage, accidentally deleted them all in my media library here at WP, then had to somewhat put them back into place in e.v.e.r.y single post I’ve ever written. It was very traumatic let me tell you. My head was struggling to remember how and where the pictures were placed in every written post.

It ended up with me winging it completely, digging up pictures from the laptop and Ravelry. But to finish that off, I am done now! Just took a few long hours to get that sorted. While fixing the pictures I was very much comfortably lodged in the couch and watched some Netflix, and the choice this morning fell on Anne with an E. It is a brand-new Series adapted from the Anne from Green Gables books. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed this story until I tuned in to this TV show. It is incredibly well made. Another book series to start re-reading again! I can’t wait for more episodes as I almost watched all episodes already.

Nothing special is happening today, this is just one of those days when me and the family doze off and slowly daze into the afternoon reading, crafting, watching series on the TV.. a non active, non useful day but so nourishing for the soul.
Everybody needs days like this!

So back to why I wanted to write today.. I started a new blanket that I wanted to share with all of you. This blanket will be made selfishly for my family and I am already revelling in the colors I’ve chosen! With aran weight yarn, this beauty is all full of squishy goodness that is just asking to be used for all those cozy moments inside and of course, outside. My only question now remains to see how rainy this Irish Summer will be! It’s with big worry and some concern as I do love spending as much time I can outside in the warmer months of the year…

For this project I went back to my old favorite Stylecraft Special range,
I chose the aran yarn for this blanket to make it thicker and have a more structured feel to it. After a bit of hooking however I have discovered it will be a very chunky blanket, but since when has anyone said no to a chunky, colorful granny blanky? 🙂

For a loose hooker like me this is a perfect yarn as I feel my granny stripes does not end up too loose because the aran yarn kind of compensates for it. Also, I am using my tulip no.5 crochet needle. The tulip range has really grown on me so much I am currently only using them, and them alone. Also, the beautiful pink handle is a joy to hold during my crochet sessions.

The Stylecraft Special Aran range is limited in colors which is a shame because this yarn is perfect for blankets, rugs, pillows and bags. I would probably use this yarn more if the range would be as extensive as the DK range. Especially with the three new shades that were released late April, Mushroom, Vintage Peach and Buttermilk. Upon choosing these shades I pictured this blanket in a caravan during late summer evenings under some beautiful big green trees full of leaves whooshing in the wind or a garden picnic with homemade sandwiches and strawberry cordial.
This is my family’s summer blanket and I am already loving it to bits!

Today I should probably be doing other things than just being lazy and blissfully touching and squishing my not yet ready blanket, but I just can’t help it.. it’s so wonderful.

Have you made a summer blanket for your family or friends, and what colors did you choose?

Lots of love,


Last dance on the beach Pt. 2

When I saw “Last dance in the rain” by Scheepjes and the creative team for Marinke I was in awe. In awe of such a beautiful blanket with so much meaning behind that speaks to so many people all over the world. It has inspired me so much to create more, be more happy and to stay focused on all the good days ahead.

Life has it’s ups and downs and sometimes this means with new beginnings, endings and the part between it all. The emotional with the rational and the bits that come along the way.

Last dance on the beach was such an important project for me. It helped me realize that not everything needs to be explained or felt. Sometimes things needs to be let go in order to feel better. The whole process of making the blanket for me was so important and meaningful until the last yarn was weaved and sown in.

This brings me back to my colleague at work. L is such a wonderful person full of happiness and smiles. I bet you would not find a nicer person than her. She is all about the frills and high tea sweetness with the blossoms, cuteness and vintage awesomeness that is so adorable. Last year, lovely L welcomed a darling daughter into the world, and I wanted to make her something sweet. I know her mother in law loves crafting and crochet a lot and from past talks she told me they are not running low on blankets 🙂

But needless to say, I had to make L one for baby girl. And when Last dance on the beach came along my thoughts started spinning but I just could not get the colors right.. it was either to pink, to purple and too bright. I wanted something girly, muted and with a touch of that lovely home feeling I know L loves. Almost a year later after darling daughter was born I finally got it right.

And with this the meaning of this project to me has taken a lovely and beautiful turn for new beginnings, a new life and sweet beginnings. And this little project has all of the happiness that a lovely dumpling baby can bring. Sorry, but babies are sweet little dumplings

So here it is, my beautiful adaptation of this project.
This is my “First dance in the clouds”

Now, for the fun stuff:

Project name: First dance in the clouds
Pattern: Last dance on the beach By Scheepjes with friends for Marinke Slump
Yarn: Scheepjes Colour Crafter
1x Venlo
1x Hoorn
1x Ermelo
1x Helmond
3x Heerenveen
1x Goes
1x Hasselt

3 blocks per skein of yarn, totals 24 blocks.
I made a larger baby blanket with a measurement of 6 x 4 blocks.
It is something L’s baby girl can grow into and have many snuggly moments with which is so great!

I used Heerenveen for the border and to join the squares.

This blanket and my moms blankets have different meanings, but they made me happy making them. I am putting together a bunch of colors to create my own Dance in the sea/ocean blanket as a final homage before I close off this chapter in my fiber journey with this pattern. It is not that I do not want to make more projects with this pattern anymore, on the contrary! But I have more upcoming projects lined up that I can’t let pass me by. I vowed to create my own blanket, but I will let it take it’s time and work with possible color combinations that will be singing to my heart.

When did you work on a creative project that had a deeper meaning?


Spring everywhere.

It is so nice to be back here in my little corner of this big internet world!
Spring has always been a busy season for our little family; First Easter holidays, then kiddos birthday and visits from family. With the Spring season just arriving to Ireland there is more outings and activities that opens up for us to get out and be active. I consider us lucky that we live in a great place with so many green areas and parks to hang out!

Amongst getting the garden patio clean, BBQ evenings and cosy evenings at home, I had enough inspiration to start working a few projects again!
Life has been floating away in a slow and steady pace and with two lovely weeks at home, lounging with family and friends and enjoying some fibery goods! Also managed to store and stack my yarns, which is now stored away safely in the closet. If I would have it around all the time there would not be any more time to do anything productive at all, lol. I would have only been squishing and touching yarn aaall daaay loong 🙂

I am working on another post with another finished project that I have made. It is a personal favorite of mine that I know will go to good hands.

What have you been up to this Spring?
Toting in the garden, or cooking delicious seasonal foods?

See you soon!



Spring colors.

More than often, I find myself falling in love with bright and cheerful colors.
Yet if someone would look into my little home it’s just very.. gray?

We have lived in our rented 2 bedroom apartment fully furnished with patio for almost 6 years now which is quite some time. As a result of this we do not own a lot of furniture and also not allowed to paint in another color than guessed it:


So in a sense I have been working on a fairly neutral color scheme since we stepped foot in our home.
However my projects fail to be neutral which to me is a bit funny!
I find neutral colored yarn a bit boring.. except last dance on the beach, that was totally cool!

I guess if the walls would have been a warm gray shade I could be more versatile.
Right now the walls are a light/medium shade of cool gray that has ever so slightly a tinge of green/blue (sage?) in specific light. Our curtains are now grey/white stripes, a bit of oak furnishing and dark brown couches. Once I’ve arranged everything I’ll produce some images.

Come today Sunday and all the colors are there! I find myself picking the most cheerful flowers in Woodies, with all the blues, purples and pinks. It makes me so happy! The abundance of flowers, spring in the air and the primulas that are just plain gorgeous!
Woodies stocked my favorite blossoms, my Bellis Perennis, the cute pom pom flowers in pink and also ranunculus in so many varieties of colors and shapes. I felt like bringing all the flowers with me home but K stopped me before I could put my thoughts to action.

We had a BBQ after being good today and it was well deserved. We topped it off with some marshmallows over the BBQ and I also made a rhubarb and almond pie.

Me and the family are so tired, so weary and worn out. My back is hurting, kiddo fell asleep on the couch the tired little man he is, he was so good picking out flowers together with me and also helped me carry the groceries from the store. He was so happy exclaiming “I got the burgers mom, don’t worry”.  The medicines are working better now so that is a good sign. We are still checking him ever so often and the doctor visits will remain frequent until the medication is on full dosage.

I can smell that rhubarb pie and it smells heavenly… it smells of spring!
This pie is a nice evening snack for this little family completely worn down
after being out all day in the garden.

Have you ever had a lovely day out in the garden?


Last dance on the beach Pt. 1

My updates have been less than frequent the past weeks. Not deliberately of course, just the lack of inspiration to write perhaps? But to more important things, our life has gotten in the way of creative endeavors and other things.

I have been focusing a lot on kiddo and being at home, but I have managed to sneak away a few evenings to finish my “Last dance on the Beach” blanket. It is not the prettiest, nicest version of this massive undertaking but I am so very proud of myself. This blanket will be gifted to my mother.

The details are as follows:

Pattern: Last dance in the Beach CAL 2016 By Scheepjes (In loving memory of Marinke Slump)

Yarn: Scheepjes Colour Crafter in following shades (I did not keep track of usage, but most of the squares needed more yarn than the recommended 1 ball as I crochet pretty loosely).

1001 – Weert
1820 – Goes
2010 – Hasselt
2017 – Verivers
2019 – Sint Niklaas
1064 – Veenendal
1710 – Ermelo
1099 – Wolvega
1203 – Heerenveen
1003 – Middelburg
1064 – Rotterdam
2018 – Pollare

I ordered it from Wool Warehouse and used a 3.5 mm Tulip Etimo Crochet hook.
The queen of all crochet hooks! First time I used it and I am so positively surprised on how lovely it was to use. Already got a 5, 5.5 and 3.5 mm hook to start a new Tulip crochet hook collection of my own. The price is worth it and will definitely come in handy on other projects.

I will slip away and prepare for tomorrow as I am heading back into the office but I will find  my own creative space at home to work in when I have the time and creative mindfulness to do so, so don’t give up on me just yet.

Have you made this project, if you have what colors did you choose?

Lots of love,


Fresh air.

Today was a glorious day I tell you! The sun was shining, sky was blue all through out the day and not a grey cloud in sight. It felt wonderful and it was refreshing. It feels like spring is letting me know by more light during the days and buds in the trees and bushes. It feels like new beginnings.

Me and kiddo took a long stroll today in St. Catherines park with a picnic and my kindle. I was not willing to go out at first as it was too comfy just being inside after a brunch and it was so quiet and peaceful this morning. However I realized that beautiful days have been far from many the past few months so we put our trainers on and it was lovely.

Kiddo found some treasures, pine cones, “dinosaur” leaves (ferns) and we kept exploring the woods where the ivy has been growing wild and free and nature is being it’s best.
The air is crisp and cold but it did not stop us on our little adventure!

After a few hours of exploring we made it up to the huge playground and kiddo had a lovely sandwich and refreshments at a bench overlooking the lovely forest and mountains. Sometimes I forget I live in Ireland when we have days like these, most of the days are pretty gloomy or rainy so this was such a nice surprise! Kiddo was smiling all the time and did not complain at all even if he did not bring his bike.

After our  fun time adventure we decided to head home but I did manage to send kiddo for a haircut at the local barbers in between and he is now an extra handsome boy, his hair was growing so long over his forehead he almost needed a bobby pin to keep it away from his eyes! We couldn’t have that so in he went and I kept him distracted so the lady actually could finish cutting him without kiddo getting a cut on his forehead. Aw, the joys of parenthood! I was very relieved to finally sit down however once we got there cause my feet were throbbing and my ankles were in pain. It was a perfect day today anyways even if I became sore cause it was so fun being in the sunshine with my little boy.

Also, I managed to finish some blocks for the “Last dance in the snow” blanket, without any pain! It is turning out to be a hefty bunch of blocks now when counting them and I cannot wait to show you all what I’ve been up to. Inspired is today’s magic word.


The Sweater.

I have finally managed to upload some pictures after that the sun was out and the lighting was great. This color is perfect, I love it so much. It is even called “Shire”.  Shire is a lush green shade that is heathered and knits up beautifully. I am so totally hooked on the Cascade 220 range now and I am very happy I chose to take the plunge!

I have been sick all week with the flu so I haven’t been doing anything. It has been a bit of a feverish state for me the past few days and now when the fever settled I am just feeling a bit numb. I have only been on the couch and been resting which is pretty much what I have been up to all week. Hopefully I will be fully recovered before the weekend. K is leaving for Belgium tomorrow for the Fosdem event and I will be running the house over the weekend. Hoping it will all be better till then!




Life is really hectic right now.

Sometimes, I forget it’s perfectly fine to have a breather to absorb and reflect over certain things.

After 2 weeks of being at home over Christmas and New Years, the reality of work, school runs and the stress hit me harder than I thought it would. To be honest here it was really more of a #bitchslap. I’ve been crying, sleeping, working, doing chores and all that other boring stuff that is not really that super fun to read about, but it’s my life as I live it for now.

I’ve been really busy at work and as people in the corporate sector everywhere would say it really is about the work-life balance. What can one do when this balance is completely out of proportion and it is really hard to find that perfect combination to able to maintain the happiness and structure?

“To set things in a list of priorities would be really good” I’d think, but as the day passes by those priorities just fly out the window as I see the hours go and I believed myself to have managed almost everything on my daily task list. It’s such a shame I have to sleep for a few hours every night, or I would have used that for my creative outbursts instead!

My arms however have fully recovered! I am so happy and relieved!
I started knitting a sweater for my soon to be husband (so weird saying that) and my darling “Last Dance in the Snow” on a hiatus for now until I am ready to start crocheting again. I have decided to take things slowly and just enjoy what I can do for now and allow myself some recovery. I do believe in little miracles like being able to knit a whole pattern chart without pain so I am truly blessed I do not need to suffer in a fiber less enigma.

The sweater is full of cabley goodness and just the right project for me right now.
The yarn used is the Cascade 220 yarn I mentioned in my previous post.
I would have loved to shown pictures but for my next post I will produce pictures.
I’ve been doing 6 sets of the cable chart already and usually do 1 pattern set for a session.
To give my arms some rest and not to strain them I stop at that, but it’s a little guilty pleasure of mine for now.

The Adalia pattern I purchased at Ravelry was really tricky. I think I cast on 10 times (yes, 10 times!) before I decided to give up. It was something to do with how the pattern was worded and the order of doing the setup chart that confused me greatly. I still have the pattern of course so I might just give it a go when the project has taken a more upswing and more explanations have been given on the forums for it. It’s a shame as I really imagined my Shire colored Cascade Yarn to be the highlight of this pattern with the cables. Well well, life is all about the compromises and positive surprises one receives. Even though hectic, this too shall pass and calm will be restored..


Kelly Green.

As Christmas and New Years has come and gone and the decorations are stuffed away back in the attic, we can now start looking forward the coming months, new colors and more projects to line up as days will soon get lighter, air will once again smell of fresh cut grass, and more inspiration can be gotten all around. Unfortunately, something happened to my camera settings and when I was to upload these images to my creative cloud account to have a look see on what might needed some editing I realized all of the images were blurry beyond salvation. I really need to sharpen up my photography skills!

Pantone this year revealed Greenery to be the color of the year for 2017, I have been waiting patiently for the announcement for quite some time. Now and then I visit their website and look through for new updates and forecasts. As we all know 2013 was the year of the Emerald, and I adore that color. Today, I almost wanted to go on a Shopping Frenzy online after discovering darling kelly green! I’ve known it’s been a really popular shade of green for a few seasons now but I never thought it would be a shade I would ever enjoy. But the more I looked in Pinterest and Google the more I fell in love. What a color! It is so fresh and springy, it’s a thick green without being to heavy or dull. Kelly Green is now my new favorite color. In honor of this discovery I wanted to share a Pinterest board with you all showing the versatility of this shade. The Pantone shade of the year is not really my thing, it is not flattering to my skin tone and definitely a shade I would not have in my home so I have now compromised and gone for Kelly Green as my own little “Greenery”.

I managed to order myself a beautiful kelly green coat and also ordered 15 skeins of a darker green yarn from Wool Warehouse, Cascade 220 in shade 2445. The creative name for 2445 is “Shire”. It’s a dark ivy/palm green in a heathered colorway, I saw they had a lovely palm green shade too with no heather but it was just a tad bit much for me. On Ravelry I found a fairly new pattern named Adalia and imagined wearing this cardigan on our Spring outings. No jacket needed for that sweater! Cascade is 100% wool and it is a DK yarn so think it will do the job pretty well. I fell in love with the Adalia pattern so after I have let my arms rest I will start to knit again instead.

There is only 1 crochet project on my to do list, but I’ve had to put it away as crocheting have been putting a lot of strain on my arms. It’s pretty painful and I’ve tried different sorts of crochet hooks from Tulip, Drops, Clover and it’s too painful. I wish the project remaining was not too big so I could finish it but right now I just had to put it away. The project I am currently working on is the “Last dance in the rain” CAL by Scheepjes in memory of Marinke Slump. I’ve done so many blankets the past year with no pain at all, but I think this project just literally broke me (and almost my arms). I managed to do 8 squares of week 2 and 4 and remaining 4 squares up until week 5. I did change the color way a bit and it is called “Last dance in the snow”, and is being done for my mum.

There will be a longer break for now but the knitting needles will be picked up again instead once I’ve recovered. It sucks so much but my arms and wrists needs proper resting and recovery before going at it again so it won’t turn into chronic pain in the long run. I will keep posting in the meanwhile when I have some inspiration.

Talk to you soon,

My Andrea’s Shawl.

Today, will just be a short post!

I want to share some lovely pictures of my finished “Andrea” shawl,
designed by Kirsten Kapur . I loved the simplicity of this project, because funny enough
this project for me was indeed simple! So simple at the end, it just got a little bit boring
with the repeats. However, the final results were just breath taking!

Andrea´s Shawl – By Kirsten Kapur
Yarn: Garnstudio Drops Alpaca
Colorway: Navy blue (5575) and Off white (0100)
Needle size: 4.5 mm (Used Addi fixed circular knitting needles)

So without further a do… TADAAAH!

We just ordered some pizza from the local Italian place down the road and I can’t wait! This lady is so hungry and I am ready for tomorrows festivities (decorating the house!)

Have you ever knitted Andrea’s shawl? And did you enjoy making it?


My Cosy Stripe Blanket.

We are passing November’s last days and the days are getting shorter with Winter approaching; Christmas is on it’s way. I have not yet gone to the attic to take out the decorations for the Festive season but I do have this feeling I should do it soon!

Today, I wanted to share with you my Autumn cosy blanket 🙂

I made this for my mom in law and the blanket really have her favorite colors. I have to say that I am having a hard time giving this blanket away. I am really happy with how the colors turned out and that it got finished during the Autumn season is even better!

For this blanket I used Lucy’s Cosy Stripe Blanket pattern. It is an easy, quick hooky project that even for new beginners is a great learning project as you learn how to keep the edges straight and tidy, and also a little bit of experimenting with colors.
My biggest challenge was to not use the same color for the same stitch after eachother, so I had to use them every other stitch to get a more even look.  So to explain this:

If I used the tomato color in one treble row, I would only use the tomato color again for the granny stripe row and I avoided same color variations of the stripe through out. If I had more shades to choose from I think this would have been easier, but at the end it became a challenge! In the end, looking at the blanket now this system gave a nice balance of colors and structure. If you look closely at the colors it might make more sense I think.

The blanket was made with Stylecraft Special DK yarn from my favorite online yarn boutique and this yarn is my go-to blanket yarn and it has not yet failed me on this.
I’ve made 7 blankets with Special DK so far and it’s such a lovely and inexpensive yarn for projects like these. My house is often busy with kiddo and his friends running in and out the house, and having a dog in the house I wanted a blanket yarn that could withstand the elements! So far so good, I will using it till something else comes along however it will be hard to beat!

My mom in law is getting this blanket as I wrote earlier and she has dogs too. So it was a perfect match. I didn’t initially think of creating a blanket at first, I was only experimenting with the last remaining stash of my yarn. Then a little thought grew, to create another blanket for kiddo but he quickly said it wasn’t his fancy with the colors chosen. Fast forward a few more weeks, mom in law came for a visit, saw the little patch I’ve worked, when she quickly exclaimed how pretty the colors were together and this little unexpected project got a life of it’s own! As a fun addition, I finally got my hands on the Crochet Borders book by Edie Eckman and it arrived in time when the border was needed to be hooked. I was so happy and spent a fair evening choosing a nice border to go with the blanky. It was border overload!

I have named this blanket “Autumn Cosy” and I think it’s a perfect name for it. Everywhere in my mom in law’s house these shades are ever so present in her home as little specks of color accents, so this blanket would fit in any room of the house.

I find it funny how some projects change and evolve and become something more that what you might expect. Have you ever had projects getting ‘a life of it’s own’?

Blanket pattern:  Cosy Stripe Blanket by Attic 24
Border pattern: #93 from “Around the Corner – Crochet Borders” by Edie Eckman
Yarn used: Stylecraft Special DK

3 skeins: Stone
2 skeins: Copper,  Tomato, Gold, Meadow, Khaki, Cypress, Duck egg


These colors are so pretty together and it was sheer luck I had these yarns in my stash.
As the blanket grew the colors looked more harmonious creating such a lovely blanket, reminding me of the Autumn leaves outside.

My mom in law is visiting from Norway today with her Cousin to do some Xmas shopping (Hello Pennies!) and they will shortly come over to our house for some Sunday Roast.
In fact, they just ringed the door bell and I need to run and greet them!

Talk to you all soon!


Dublin in November

There is something special about Dublin in November; Especially around Merrion Square. We were blessed with lovely weather this past Saturday morning and beautiful changing foliage. My mom came in from Sweden last week and it was great to finally show her around our favourite spots.

Autumn is definitely my favorite season.

Autumn to me also means a slight change on our dinner table,  with hearty stews (which happens to be my favorite type of food), apple pies, blueberry crumbles,  comforting hot drinks and also having this routine of lighting candles and tealights all over the house to get that nice, cosy feeling. With the cold days around the corner this also brings out a craving from my family and mostly myself to have blankets everywhere in the living room to snuggle up in, and of course these blankets needs to be handmade. (By me!)

After a stroll in the park and a brief visit in the ‘Giant’s Garden’ we slowly strolled towards the Spire as the day progressed, paid a visit to Lush so that me and kiddo could get more fizzy, colorful bath bombs and then we treated ourselves to some lovely fish and chips at The Black Sheep. Kris got to try some great new additions to the their craft beer selection at The Black Sheep. He had a little taster tray with 3 tasters from their newest selection. To be frank,  they all smell and taste like soapy water to me and taste like it too (don’t ask me why,  I just do). We came home pretty late that evening and kiddo was pretty tired, but it was a perfect day in Dublin together with my family. I am already looking forward to Christmas, and all the fun we will have together.

Hello there,  stranger. 

So nice to finally have set up this blog. It was really difficult finding an original name so I had to jumble around words in my head to find something nifty.

Fiber & Stitch will be a space where I can share my inspiration and hopefully inspire others to try new projects and play with colors but also other things that I do love such as reading, trying new crafts, art and life stuff in between.

More will follow as I go, and can’t wait to get started with my blog.

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