Ramen girl.

I love ramen. I am the ramen girl. I’ve tried literally loads of ramen from different places, flavors and ingredients. Slurpy, oodly goodie kinda ramen with some nice broth and yummy meat. This girl is a total meat lover!

This evening however I did not have time for the fancy schmancy ramen with my own homemade broth or other exotic ingredients. We had leftover slices of steak in the fridge, and ideas were swirling around for dinner ideas. And poof, ramen it was!


For my no BS ramen, I am still a bit of a crazy girl when it comes to preparation.
I cut and pre-boiled my baby corn so they got a teeny bit soft and sliced up my beef pieces and placed them in a bowl. Add some drizzle of fine sesame oil, chili oil, dried chili flakes. Oh, I boil the noodles in a separate pan and use another one for the broth.
This evening I chose store bought ramen ( I know, shoot me but I love it!) and boiled the spice sachet with a cube of beef broth for extra flavor.


Once the veggies and meat are prepared in a bowl, boil the noodles up to your liking (I like tougher noodles) and use a small strainer (made with small netting) to drain the noodles. Shake and wiggle those noodles until they are dry and place beautifully in the bowl. Take your broth and use a soup ladle to top the noodles off. Watch the oils and broth magically combine creating an amazing array of flavors. Did I tell you it smells amazing too? I added some chopped scallions and dried onion to top it off.


It was super spicy though, my lips are still burning from the chili oil!
Now, to prepare those cinnamon buns for work tomorrow..

What is your go-to quick dinner ideas?



Memories from Scotland.

Last year, me and K went to Scotland. It was something that just happened, it was close by and we desperately needed to get away. After finishing kiddos backlog of pictures for his photo album and documenting this little trip for another photo album I decided another try at editing the pictures in black & white from our trip. I l.o.v.e black and white photography, to me it brings out the pure raw detailing of a picture. Luckily while taking most of these pictures the weather was moody which just brought out these dramatic images of the sky. I miss Scotland. I miss Edinburgh! The place is just brooding with beautiful architecture and history that it seeps through the walls. Among the old the new has popped out making this city a mix of an eclectic urban skyline that blends together creating something quirky but smart. Coming to Scotland made me understand why Harry Potter locations was inspired to be the way they were.

Circus Lane was definitely a surprise, my hidden little gem. The day we discovered this place it was desolate and empty. No cars, no people. Just us on this street which made it such a truly wonderful experience. It felt like we were uncovering a secret piece of history. Back in the cab on our way to the hotel we told the taxi driver about Circus Lane and how much we loved that place, the driver was happily surprised and said that our little gem had a lot of history. That was a wow moment for us!

During this holiday we walked everywhere, to shops, museums and the local attractions, just plainly discovering Edinburgh our way, the crazy I-don’t-care-if-we-get-lost kinda way. No maps no books, no nothing was used. It was an amazing way to explore as everyday turned out to be an adventure. We kept things super simple, got our sandwiches and drinks from a local M & S store and packed our backpacks for the stroll and just wandered around for hours on end till we got swollen feet and slept like babies every night! Our evenings were short but sweet, me and K recapping while sipping our hot tea in bed while discussing the things we did during that day.



We made our way down to Dean village, a cute little hideaway area that we walked to and just immersed ourselves in the pretty surroundings. I am a lover of Tudor novels and Royal history in general and for me this place was very special somehow, it felt like I was taken back into time. I could imagine a lady doing her embroidery by the bay window looking out over the river below during a cloudy day dreaming away, or perhaps ladies washing their clothes in the water? I am not sure what the history of Dean Village is as I never bothered to look it up, but the feeling of being so close to this amazing architecture made me feel in awe of the history these buildings must carry!







To continue our little trip we went to have a day trip to Glencoe. I live in Ireland and yes the scenery here is pretty from what we have seen so far. But the beauty of Glencoe still amazes me. It haunts the spirits of a clan that was pursued and killed here for some time ago. From what I’ve read online when we came back home it was a brutal massacre. Glencoe is a bittersweet place and somehow it felt like the lost spirits lingered in the wind. Me and K enjoyed this stop the most, in silence we just took in the majestic hills and made me wonder how it must have been for those that lost their lives here.




Our entire trip has now become sweet memories of how amazing Scotland is. I want to go back someday and see more. Those ten fun days were not enough looking back now, but that is what even the smallest of travel can do to a person, it makes you want to explore more. A faraway distant place is definately not needed to experience discovery and exploration. I wish I just could travel and take pictures more often, with my fiber crafts in tow! I would be the happiest girl if that ever would come true!

I am a little bit nostalgic writing this, these memories that funnily enough just set itself in my heart. Next year, hopefully more travels be on the map and hopefully we will feel like adventurers again! Not much was needed to feel so content with our trip. The simplest things makes the best memories.

Tell me, have you traveled somewhere that left an imprint in your soul?





Slow knitting.

Last week, I came down with some awful sickness. My right side of my throat was swollen (the gland) and also I lost my voice. On top of that, some fever to kind off round it up for 2 days. I am okay now but my throat is still a bit sore. With sickness means also there hasn’t been any knitting or crafting a lot. I didn’t have any energy and was just lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself. K was around so he took care of me which was super sweet!  Funnily enough, eating spicy food during this time numbed the pain a bit which to me was a bit comforting when I was at my worst. The house is a mess and there is stuff everywhere in the house but hey, it will become better! Bless this house!

Most of my projects have been gifted to friends and family this year but my Welcome, September  is only for me! It’s crazy that I do not have issues knitting or crocheting large blankets but this cardigan is just a massive project for me as I am not used to knitting garments anymore and however fun knitting garments takes a bit more patience on my end to make sure the project gets finished. As a fiber crafter I tend to lose interest really fast. Reading the pattern was a bit tricky, had to reread to understand and also to get the hang of the “rhythm” while knitting and to be honest, this is just slow knitting at it’s finest.

It is a top down knitted sweater worked back and forth and at first I found the cable leaves fun to knit, but as the rows changed and no more cables were knitted it has now turned into an endless work of knit knit knit and purl purl purl.




I will however knit the arms in the round using only knit stitches. But the effects of this texture is just gorgeous, this green Cascade 220 yarn in shade 2445 (Shire) is one of my favorite shades of green. And yes, it is just as green as I have portrayed it here on my blog. It’s a lovely deep green shade with flecks of green gold in it but darker. It’s has a lush feel to it and the yarn is wonderful to work with. I might have a few skeins left over, and that will be a nice addition to my yarn stash. I have almost finished the body and have the ribbings and sleeves left over which is easy peasy to knit so all in all hopefully will be done in a week or so, depending how I feel and what my arms are like the coming days. This green reminds me of deep forests, wet leaves on the ground. The summer- green-that-you-can-only-find-in-the-woods-kinda-green. I use my 80cm Symfonie circular knitting needles in size 4.5 for this cardi and let me tell you it’s a dream together with this Cascade yarn.

IMG_20170723_151601-2.jpg The stitches comes off so easily and it doesn’t strain my hands when working extensively for a while. These have become a favorite so i will definitely keep building my needle stash with these.

Have you any “slow knitting” projects?



Beautiful morning.

I just had to share this beautiful morning with you all, it is such a pretty sight. What a shame that I need to work today, would have loved spending my day taking pictures and just relaxing in the sun.

When was the last time you saw the beautiful sunrise?